We only have one objective at Travvant: the “personal touch”. Personal and honest collaboration with candidates and clients comes first and foremost in everything we do, be it outplacement, career guidance or inplacement.

The whole team joins forces to support you. This team consists of coaches, job hunters and training staff who work closely together to provide the right solutions.

Our consultants

Career guidance



Luc Dekeyser


Chris van den Bergh

Principal Consultant
Diether Neven

Diether Neven


Eva Van Keymeulen

Principal Consultant

Sofie Vanham

Principal Consultant

Marijke Jonckers

Principal Consultant

Valérie Fierens

Office Manager

Evi Dirickx

Principal Consultant

Heidi Van de Wiele

Principal Consultant

Sofie Janssens

Principal Consultant

Isabel Van Hoedenaghe

Principal Consultant

Eva Bruyninckx

Principal Consultant

Francie-Laurie De Clercq


Hilde De Brauw

Principal Consultant

Our partnerships









Working for Travvant

We are always looking for experienced consultants. Are you interested? Then forward your CV spontaneously to info@travvant.be.

Our vision

To be there for people That is our first priority at Travvant. So we seek what people and organisations really care about. We try to make a difference with a personal approach, day after day. After all, this is all about matching people and jobs.

Our values


We recognise and acknowledge other people’s feelings and needs, and we factor them in as much as possible.


Travvant puts itself in your shoes. We can do our work better by having a sound understanding of people and what they want.


We say what we do and we do what we say.

Result orientation

Our people make 100% effort, focusing on your final goal throughout the process.


We aim for quality in all facets of our daily actions and in our daily contacts.


What you like doing, you do well. That also applies to us. Every day, our employees prove the winning combination of passion and expert knowledge.

Our history


In 1999, entrepreneur Eric Bakker founded B&P Ltd., a recruitment and selection office. The starting points for the company were quality, passion and focusing on the candidates’ talents.


The activities were further expanded with individual outplacement at senior level.


The outplacement branch expanded to include all facets within outplacement, and is now known under the brand name Travvant.
Travvant is led by Annick Huybrechts.


In mid-2018, it was decided to incorporate the outplacement, career and inplacement activities, known as Travvant, into a separate organisation, independent of B&P Ltd. This provides neutrality and a more transparent definition of the economic activities.

Travvant is headed by Annick Huybrechts and Roeland Van Dessel.

Today, Travvant sails a transparent, national, niche-oriented course and is at your service with 25+ experienced and certified consultants in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Travvant has offices in Berchem, Zaventem, Ghent, Genk and Turnhout. We also have more than 130 neutral locations at our disposal throughout Belgium.

Quality Labels

We work in an ethically responsible manner in accordance with the outplacement code of conduct. We hold the CERTO quality label.