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Your responsibilities as employer

You, as an organisation, can encourage your employees to take responsibility for their own career. Professional career coaching contributes towards the following:

  • increase in employees’ motivation and commitment;
  • increase in resilience and agility;
  • more specifically, targeting the employees’ training needs and requirements;
  • arriving at more personalised development plans;
  • encouraging internal mobility;
  • additional well-being on the work floor;


An employer may promote the system of career cheques among his employees, provided that he adheres to the specific rules and clearly communicates this to his employees, namely:

  • an employer may not in any case whatsoever exert pressure on the employee to make use of his or her career cheque;
  • an employee may choose at what point in time he or she requests or submits his or her cheque;
  • an employee may choose the centre where he or she submits the cheque; such choice is not allowed to hold any consequences for the employee;
  • an employee must be aware of the fact that he or she is only entitled to two career cheques of four hours during the course of 6 years; if he or she submits this, he or she can re-apply for a cheque six years after the start of the first coaching;
  • there may not be any exchange between the employer and the career centre regarding the coaching or the content of the coaching;
  • the coaching that the employee receives by way of the career cheque may not in any case whatsoever replace the coaching that the employee should receive via the employer.


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